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In search of your favourite food...? Singapore is a paradise of food, indeed. But where? Crawling across town to find some local delight, after that Jam, and the long queue is your food worth it? Many hawker centre have disappeared, a good example of the development for the few apartment that takes over the site of the Long House along Thomson Road. Where is the chicken rice shop? We visit the shop once a month, we pass that street we long for that rice fragrance...

We dedicate this site to all the chef, that brings and uphold the name of "Local Delight".  Sad to say we have spoken to a few old time hawker that the also see the opportunity to "Retire" after many local food centre upgrade, a very tiring job with almost no rest day through 30-40 years of their life, with no ideal members to take over. Well, we spoken to a few, even the secret recipe but the technique of the way a food is cook will takes years and years to master. We have a family friend whose family is a well known "Hokkien mee", 300 to 400 plates a day...when the next generation takes over first few months there is still 50% sales... soon after they lost the shine....

This site is also here to share unhappy experiences, not that we are Singaporean we do all the complain, but what we want is a "Fair Deal". Singapore is already one of the most expensive place to stay... let the value be fair, would you pay $25.00 for a Steak in a typical hawker centre? I would agree there is a big saving of the rental from a Steak House in town, to a small corner in the void deck coffee shop, yes, it's the same Air flown steak. Well, we can't say much now, many of us just eat once, now they are no longer there. Many have good reviews, but the real experience "Over Rated".


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Hawker Food Centre in Singapore with the Authentic local delight to quench your appetite.